City Walk

City walk

If you want a city walk through Utrecht that is vividly presented in a unique, creative way, then Wendy’s Wandelingen is the right place for you. During a city walk we will pass the most beautiful and most tranquil places in Utrecht. The tour is enlivened by juicy stories about striking figures.

The following themed walks are tailor-made:

Utrecht Historic City Center:

This historic walk takes you to the highlights of Utrecht, we pass De Dom, the canals and wharves and of course De Winkel van Sinkel. In addition, we pass the most beautiful and most tranquil places in Utrecht. Colorful passers-by and funny anecdotes enliven a fascinating history of culture and mentality: from Roman times to the present.

Fierce women and wise women

History likes to tell the story of “great men,” kings and warriors. From the 1960s, more attention was paid to women’s history. What influence have women had on Utrecht’s history? They were usually very fierce and wise women. Trijn van Leempunt, together with other ferocious women, attacked the notorious fortress of Vredenburg with pickaxes. The very intelligent Anna Maria van Schuurman was the first woman to study at Utrecht University completely separate from the male students. Trui van Lier and Jet Berdenis van Berlekom save about 150 Jewish children from Nazi violence. During this city walk you will encounter these and other fierce and wise women who often left their mark on history against all conventions. This took a lot of courage.

Folktales and mysteries

At night, ‘the British whores’ fly from the Winkel van Sinkel to the other side of the Oudegracht,  the rope around the window of the cathedral’s pandhof symbolizes the story of an unattainable eternal love. Do you see the big bumps of the plane tree at the Abraham Dolehof, the beguines caught there are still trying to escape. You will experience these and many more mysteries during the atmospheric tour through the streets and alleys of Utrecht.

Death and Destruction

Would you like a city walk through Utrecht’s dark past? This city walk is ideally suited in the evening. On the Neude, a monk posing as a canon was cooked in a pot. The citizens of Utrecht, accused of ‘sodomy’, who secretly gathered in the evening, were convicted and strangled. We become acquainted with the horrific past of Utrecht, that of plague victims,  cholera epidemics and executions. Fortunately, the devil stone is chained in town.

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‘In de winkel van Sinkel Is alles te koop. Daar kan men krijgen: Mandjes met vijgen, Doosjes pommade, Flesjes orgeade, Hoeden en petten en damescorsetten. Drop om te snoepen en pillen om te …..’