— Enjoy a cozy lunch and dinner at the Grand Café.

Grand café

Enjoy a delightful dinner and drinks at the Grand Café & Beer Hall of
Horecawarenhuis Winkel van Sinkel in Utrecht.

Pay a visit to our Grand Café at Winkel van Sinkel and be amazed by delicious food, enjoyable drinks, and a cozy ambiance. Whether you want to relish an extensive lunch, a flavorful dinner, or simply have a pleasant drink, our Grand Café offers the perfect space. Additionally, the venue is suitable for larger groups, making it the right place for bigger gatherings as well.

Explore our beautiful terraces and savor the different atmospheres they provide. In our green Inner Garden, you can peacefully have lunch or dinner amidst a lush setting in the heart of Utrecht. The terrace at the front along the Oudegracht immerses you in the urban Utrecht vibe, while our terrace on the quay lets you enjoy a relaxed waterside ambiance. No matter where you sit, you will have a unique experience.

For beer enthusiasts, we have great news: we offer an extensive selection of more than 95 different beers. Let yourself be surprised by the various flavors and styles we have to offer, and toast to a delightful evening in the Grand Café.

If you’re looking for an exclusive dining experience, we also provide private dining. Get in touch with us for more information about the possibilities, and we will ensure you have an unforgettable evening.

Don’t wait any longer and come by our Grand Café at Winkel van Sinkel. Allow yourself to be pampered with delicious food, sample from our extensive beer selection, and enjoy the convivial atmosphere. For more information and reservations, feel free to contact us. We’re looking forward to welcoming you!

'In the shop of Sinkel, Everything is for sale. There one can get: Baskets with figs, Boxes of pomade, Bottles of orgeat, Hats and caps and ladies' corsets. Licorice to nibble on and pills for...'

Discover our two highlights: High Wine and Afternoon Tea

Looking to indulge in a luxurious way of socializing? Our High Wine at our wine bar VINO is the perfect choice for you. Allow yourself to be pampered with our finest wines, paired with delightful amuse-bouche dishes. Our sommeliers will take you on a wine journey, serving fantastic wines that perfectly complement dishes from the kitchen of our Grand Café-Restaurant. The High Wine is available from Wednesday to Sunday, from 4:00 PM to 10:00 PM. Visit the VINO page for more information and prepare to be amazed.

Time for quality time! Invite your friends and companions for a cozy gathering during our Afternoon Tea. Enjoy an extensive selection of sweets, sandwiches, an amuse-bouche soup, and savory snacks. For coffee enthusiasts, we serve various coffee variations. The Afternoon Tea is priced at €29.50 per person and is served daily from 12:00 PM in our Grand Café-restaurant. Want to celebrate something special? Enhance the Afternoon Tea with our house bubbly, ‘Blanc de Blanc’ Brut, and make the moment extra festive.

Group Packages at Horecawarenhuis Winkel van Sinkel

At Horecawarenhuis Winkel van Sinkel, we warmly welcome groups. Specifically designed for groups of 12 or more, we offer various packages so you and your party can enjoy a culinary experience together.

3-Course Dinner for Groups Our special 3-course dinner is perfect for groups looking to relish an elaborate dinner. For just €39.50 per person, you can enjoy a deliciously curated menu with flavorful dishes. Our chefs ensure that each dish is prepared with care, taking into consideration any dietary preferences within the group. Let us know your desires, and we’ll ensure a memorable culinary experience.

Walking Dinner Looking to create an informal and convivial atmosphere during your group gathering? Opt for a walking dinner. Our walking dinner arrangements provide a selection of small dishes served throughout the evening, allowing you to savor various flavors and culinary delights. Contact us for more information about the possibilities and reserve your walking dinner for your group today.

Get in touch and reserve today! Interested in learning more about our group packages or looking to make a reservation directly? Contact us, and our team is ready to assist you. Together, we’ll ensure that your group enjoys an unforgettable culinary experience at Horecawarenhuis Winkel van Sinkel.

Enjoy a cozy drink at Horecawarenhuis Winkel van Sinkel – Indulge in delightful wines and craft beers.

It’s time to unwind! At Horecawarenhuis Winkel van Sinkel, you’re warmly welcomed to enjoy a relaxed drink with friends, family, or colleagues. Discover our charming venue and relish in a wide selection of delightful wines and craft beers.

Abundance of Wines and Craft Beers Whether you’re a wine enthusiast or prefer savoring a fine glass of craft beer, at Winkel van Sinkel, we have something for everyone. Our extensive wine menu offers a range of flavors, from fruity white wines to robust reds. Let our friendly staff guide you and explore new flavor combinations.

For the craft beer aficionados, we also have an ample selection of local and international brews. From refreshing IPAs to rich stouts, there’s always something to quench your thirst and pamper your taste buds.

New Wine Bar “VINO” Don’t forget to check out our new wine bar, VINO. Here, you can enjoy our finest wines in a stylish setting. Allow our wine experts to surprise you as they guide you on a tasteful journey through different wine regions and grape varieties. Whether you’re a connoisseur or simply want to relish a great glass of wine, VINO is the perfect spot to unwind and enjoy.

Come by and cheers! Invite your friends, family, or colleagues and drop by Horecawarenhuis Winkel van Sinkel for a convivial drink. Let us pamper you with our extensive selection of delightful wines and craft beers. And don’t miss out on visiting our new wine bar, VINO. See you at Winkel van Sinkel, where we can raise a glass to good times together!